Lifestyle leads us.

Perfection Builders serves a unique niche in the real estate marketplace, strongly identifying with and building around lifestyle needs. Owners Scott Lehner and Jason Ronk launched the company believing they could build a superior-quality product differentiated by design and extraordinary value for the dollar.

Scott Lehner began building homes and commercial buildings in 1999. He met Jason Ronk, a construction framer and trim carpenter, in 2003. Lehner and Ronk joined forces to build homes in Winfield, Kan., and the company was born. In 2015, Perfection Builders hit #1 on the WBJ list of homebuilders, based just on Wichita, Kan. builds.

Our name pretty much sums up the Perfection Builders value system. Build to perfection. Never, ever let the client down.

Concept builders through and through.

Scott and Jason have always seen beyond brick and mortar to the unique lifestyle needs and demands of the consumer. American landscapes change, they believe, when the way people live and work changes. Today, universally, we work faster and harder and we live smarter.

Perfection Builders, it’s safe to say, will never get stuck in a rut. Vetting ideas with careful research and development, the leadership of this company will always bring smart design, exceptional home construction standards, lifestyle efficiency and innovation to the table.

Today, that looks like beautifully built single-family homes, courtyard homes and, our newest venture, multi-generational homes. Tomorrow? The consumer will tell.

Insisting on the highest standards of service for the homebuyer.

Summit Properties LLC is our in-house brokerage, dedicated to marketing and sales of Perfection Builders homes and communities. We’ve branded Summit with a diamond symbol because we want our homeowner clients to expect the highest level of attention and service from our agents and community specialists.

Broker Jim Wood, a veteran real estate professional in Kansas, manages Summit Properties. Jim’s been around the block in the real estate world. During his career, he’s managed more than 70 subdivisions and helped launch three independent residential resale and new homes operations.

Quick fact!

Lehner’s and Ronk’s second build project, an insulated concrete-form home, broke them out of the clutter of the real estate marketplace through sheer innovation. The home is built of Styrofoam forms (like a Lego frame) and concrete is poured in the middle. A tight home in terms of build and noise, owners typically see utility bills that are significantly below those for homes built at that time.

Today, Scott Lehner and Jason Ronk are experts in this type of home design/build. While Perfection Builders doesn’t build many concrete-form homes, it does actively build concrete safe rooms based on this design.